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 Main Rules

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Hello. I am about to share some simple rules, and I hope you follow them. You are required to read this before posting anything on the website.
Please respect every member out of RP. In RP--Well, you are RPing your character, so you can of course act as your character would...but please keep in mind that you need to be respectful in and out of RP.

Please keep cursing to a minimum. It IS allowed, but please only curse at the level your character would swear at. I do not expect a pup to be tossing the F word back and fourth.

Sexual talk IS allowed...but don't be over descriptive, but please don't also be like; Poof. Done. I mean, this IS a literate RP site.

There is no NPC characters as of this moment. I may however add them in the future, but right now I have no desire of NPC's in the group. If you want pups, please find a literate roleplayer to play it.

You may not insta-mate.

No powers. Period.

You may not bring down a big prey by yourself, such as caribou or elk. Please have at least, 3 people hunting it. Small prey, you may hunt yourself. You may not carry big prey back by yourself, you need at least two people.

Please do careful about the amount of prey you kill. Keep in mind that this is a realistic RP site and your not going to go and kill say 5 prey in 10 minutes. Make it realistic. A lot of the time you will come back empty-handed, and the season also depends on how much prey there is around.


Do not ask for a rank. If you get it, congratulations. If you don't, please do not make a big deal. And as of now, rank's are still being thought-out of whether or not to add them.

If you desire someone as a mate, you have two steps. First, you have to wait 3 weeks before becoming mates. Second, please talk to Admin. Admin has no right to stop you, she just want's to know. The reason for this rule is because of some issues that have gone on before.

Dog-terms (Dog speak, such as instead of saying tail, you would say banner.) are not required, but are liked. Keep this in mind.

-More may be added.

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Main Rules
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